Unconfirmed: Greek Consulate in Mariupol – Ukraine was attacked


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece states in a statement that Minister Nikos Dendias had a telephone conversation with the OSCE Secretary General Helga Maria Schmid regarding the accommodation of the Greek Consulate in Mariupol in the OSCE building and the coordination for the creation of humanitarian corridors from the city.

The Greek Foreign Minister also contacted his Ukrainian counterpart D. Kuleba, requesting the assistance of the Ukrainian authorities for the security of the Greek Consul General in Mariupol, as well as for the creation of a humanitarian corridor for evacuation.

Unconfirmed information so far states that the Greek Consulate in Mariupol has been hit by Light weapons .

According to this information, during battles in the streets of the city, bullets hit the OSCE building yesterday where the consulate is temporarily housed, without any injuries. However, there is currently no official update.

It is noted, in addition, that the Greek Foreign Minister announced that on Saturday the operation “Nostos 4” was successfully carried out for the release of 25 people from Odessa.

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