Eastern Europe: US will send more troops according to Biden

As reported by many media reporters on Friday, US President Joe Biden stated that the United States will move more troops to Eastern Europe and to NATO countries in the region

us president biden photo Biden: US to send troops to Eastern Europe
US President Joe Biden Photo by U.S. Secretary of Defense

“I’ll be deploying a small number of United States troops to Eastern Europe and NATO countries in the near future,” President Joe Biden told reporters at Joint Base Andrews in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

This come after the US Pentagon order to prepare thousands of troops for Eastern Europe

us army photo Biden: US to send troops to Eastern Europe
Photo by The U.S. Army

As we have already informed you on GEOPOLITIKI, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin informed of the increased readiness of about 8.500 US army troops to be deployed to Eastern Europe in case the NATO Rapid Response Force (NRF) is activated due to tensions with Russia.

The United States’ position is that, in the case of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, NATO and the United States will not fight alongside Ukraine, but will instead respond through economic sanctions.


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