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Washington renews its position: We will continue the Airstrikes


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Washington has vowed to continue airstrikes against the Taliban as its attacks continue and its influence expands in Afghanistan.

This comes as field reports indicate that Afghanistan is on the verge of a new milestone in its modern history, amid expectations that it will fall into the hands of the Taliban.

A strongly likely proposal in light of the field progress made by the armed movement, taking advantage of fatal security gaps left by the ongoing foreign withdrawal from the country.
General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Army, supports the premise of complete Taliban control over Afghanistan.

Recently, Washington warned the movement of its continued attacks to control areas across Afghanistan, threatening strikes as the withdrawal of US forces continued.

Fighting has intensified in Afghanistan since early May, when the US military began the final phase of withdrawing its forces, while the Taliban announced that they had recently captured more than 100 of the country’s more than 400 districts.

The Supreme Commander of the US forces in Afghanistan, General Scott Miller, expected to launch airstrikes against the Taliban if they continued their attacks to seize new areas.
The remaining US forces are expected to leave by the September 11 deadline announced by President Joe Biden to end America’s longest war.

Afghan government officials are sceptical about the Taliban’s assertion of the capture of new areas, while it is difficult to verify this independently.

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