RUSSIA: NEW 5th gen MiG fighter jet to fly soon


The Russian company “MiG” has begun work on the project to create a new fifthgeneration jet fighter

A military-industrial source told Sputnik that the new jet fighter to be built will be a secret plane and that the first experimental models of it will see the light of day in the next few years.

The new MiG is expected to be the size of the MiG-35.

The MiG company displayed a miniature model of the fifth-generation jet fighter at the “MAX 2021” exhibition, with two engines and a low radar signature. It also displayed a miniature model of the accompanying drone.

The new drone, weighing more than 10 tons, is being created as an escort aircraft for the new fifth-generation fighter, refuelling it or helping it direct strikes.

The source stated that the project includes the possibility of creating a vertical take-off and landing combat aircraft.

RUSSIA: NEW 5th gen MiG fighter jet to fly soon

Recently in Russia, a fifth-generation fighter made by the “Sukhoi” company appeared as called “Su-75” CheckMate equipped with AESA-technology radar that will allow it to simultaneously lock up to 6 aerial targets in an environment of intense electronic interference while integrating advanced AI technologies.

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