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Turkey: “We could violate Greek airspace over Attica”


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The communication director of the Turkish presidency, Fahrettin Altun, said that Greece has been escalating the tension in the Aegean for a long time adding that if Turkey wanted to provoke, it would violate the Greek airspace over Attica, the province of Greece’s capital city, Athens.

During an interview, Altun wondered how the Greek newspapers do not ask the Greek authorities about the “Greek violations” of the Turkish airspace.

Greece has been escalating the tension in the Aegean for several months. Let me give you a concrete example: On April 27, Greek reached our mainland. They violated our airspace over Datça, Didim and Dalaman,” said Fahrettin Altun and stated that Turkey is responding to Greek provocations.

“If Turkey wanted to play a game as dangerous as Greece, you would see Turkish warplanes in the skies over Attica. But we are not the party raising tensions. But we have the means and capabilities to respond to every move” Altun said.

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