CHAOS IN LIBYA: Turkish involvement – Khalifa Haftar & the Return of Gaddafi

According to Turkish Defense Ministry spokeswoman Pinar Kara, Turkey will continue its military assistance to Libya under a bilateral agreement with the internationally recognized legitimate government.

More than 6,000 Libyan soldiers have been trained by the Turkish army, while another 974 are currently in training and the Turkish-run hospital in Tripoli has treated more than 20,000 Libyan patients.

Due to Turkey’s role in helping to restore the political situation in Libya to a good path, Major Pinar Kara made it clear that her country is not a foreign power interfering in Libya’s internal affairs.

According to Kara, the main obstacle to the peaceful end of the conflict in the country is the side of Khalifa Haftar. Of course, the Major Pinar Kara, during her briefing, we think that she forgot to tell us that Turkey transferred about 17,500 mercenary terrorists from Syria directly to Libya and what horrors they caused.

She also forgot to talk to us about the allegations of looting by Turkish forces and their good friends he brought from Syria of Libyan cities.

Tripoli Libya Photo by D-Stanley

Turkey, however, seems to be taking a good stand against Haftar in the Libyan elections as an absolute CHAOS is in full swing with the candidacies being canceled one after the other and the courts returning the candidates to the electoral process continuously.

The most recent example is that the Zawiya Court of Appeals excluded Khalifa Haftar from the presidential election, deciding on Tuesday that it accepts the appeal and declares the decision of the High Electoral Commission to approve the candidacy of Khalifa Belkashim Haftar illegal.

khalifa Haftar photo
Khalifa Haftar Photo by Magharebia

The decision of Zawiya’s appellate court has no legal force as only the Benghazi appellate court has the possibility to exclude the candidacy of Khalifa Haftar and here we must remind that Benghazi is under Haftar’s control.

To understand the huge chaotic situation that has been created, the Court of Appeals of Tripoli also rejected the appeals against the current Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah and also postponed two other appeals for Wednesday, which are also expected to be canceled, with the most important decision being the annulment of the appeals against Gaddafi’s son, who is back in the election process.

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