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CYPRUS: Turkish statement against ExxonMobil & Qatar Petroleum


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Turkey has issued a statement complaining for the new development with the licensing of Block 5 of the Republic of Cyprus to ExxonMobil and Qatar Petroleum and says that it shows who have sided against Turkey in the region.

Specifically, it states: “Reports informing that Cyprus has granted a hydrocarbon exploration license to the ExxonMobil – Qatar Petroleum consortium for the so-called license of block 5, which was declared unilaterally, ignoring the rights of our country and the Turkish Cypriots once again shows who is really in favor of inciting tension in the Eastern Mediterranean.

oil offshore rig cyprus photo
Photo by Tony Webster CYPRUS: Turkish statement against ExxonMobil & Qatar Petroleum

A part of the so-called region violates the Turkish continental shelf in the Eastern Mediterranean. On the other hand, this unilateral step ignores the rights of the Turkish Cypriots, the co-owners of the Island.

“As has been the case so far, Turkey will never allow any foreign country, company or vessel to engage in unauthorized hydrocarbon exploration activities in the areas of its maritime jurisdiction and will continue to vigorously defend its rights, including those of the Turkish Cypriot side.” concludes the announcement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

Of course, the statement does not tell us what position Turkey will eventually take with Qatar, which is also a member of the consortium, as Erdogan describes it as an ally of Turkey and many Turkish media a few hours ago cheered for the possible relocation of Qatar RAFALE fighter jets for exercises to Turkey.

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