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F-15EX Eagle II: First launch of the AIM-120D over the Gulf of Mexico


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Flying over the Gulf of Mexico, the US Air Force’s F-15EX Eagle II, successfully fired an AIM-120D air-to-air missile on January 25.

F-15EX Eagle II: First launch of the AIM-120D over the Gulf of Mexico
(U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. John Raven)

The US Department of Defense announced that the F-15EX Eagle II aircraft of the 40th Flight Test Squadron launched the AMRAAM (AIM120D) missile, successfully locking a drone that had the role of an air target.

During the flight, the F-15EX spotted the drone using sensors on the aircraft and fired the missile at the target.

After monitoring the release of the missile and the flight to the drone, the shot was deemed a success for the WSEP “Weapons System Evaluation Program“, at which point the missile flight was terminated.

The successful release marked the first weapon launched from the aircraft and another major milestone after more than six months of operational flight tests for this shot with an AIM-120D (Amraam) missile.

“For a new platform, we have made incredible progress in a short period of time,” said one US official. I’m a member of the team that makes it a reality, “the US Department of Defense said in a statement.


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