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LIBYA | Elections postponement scenarios


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Libya’s presidential and parliamentary elections tend to be canceled or be postponed, just one week before polls open, with many discussing if there is a need to be postponed.

For the time being, no one has officially announced its postponement.

However, it is obvious that all the procedures should have already been completed and the candidates’ election campaigns should have started a long time ago.

A member of Libya’s election commission even told Al Jazeera yesterday that it is impossible for the elections to take place on the 24th of December.

In addition, an appeal from a Misrata court suspended the decision of the Supreme Electoral Commission on the approval of the list of candidates for the presidential elections.

The elections in Libya come to seal the establishment of peace in the country after a decade of civil war that plunged the North African state into chaos.

However, the very process of holding the upcoming elections seems to have caused great tensions, especially in the Libyan political scene, since the applications for candidacy began as multiple legal disputes have broken out between the participants.

Many of the applications were canceled from the beginning by the election commission with the candidates appealing against the decisions but there were also complaints between the candidates in order to “take their opponents” out of the competition that slowed the process.

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