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On this day: 29 January | Historical Timeline


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Learn about the most important historical events that happened on this day: 29 January

29 January 904

Antipope Christopher..

Antipope Christopher is ousted in 904 and Sergius III takes his position as Pope.

29 January 1861

Kansas USA

Kansas becomes the 34th state in the United States.

29 January 1886

On this day: 29 January | Historical Timeline

First gasoline car…

A patent for the world’s first gasoline-powered car is granted to Carl Benz in 1886.

29 January 1907

The first Native American senator..

Kansas’ Charles Curtis, the first Native American senator, was elected in 1907.

29 January 1916

Air Raid against Paris, France

The first German air raid on Paris occurs in 1916, during World War I.

29 January 1989

South Korea – Eastern Bloc

First Eastern Bloc country to establish diplomatic ties with South Korea is Hungary in 1989.

29 January 1991

Battle of Khafji…

Gulf War: Iraq and Saudi Arabia begin the Battle of Khafji, the war’s first significant ground combat and its deadliest.

29 January 1996

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End of all nuclear experiments in France.

As of 1996, France’s President Jacques Chirac has announced the end of all nuclear experiments in France.

29 January 2002

“Axis of Evil”

US President George W. Bush referred to “regimes that sponsor terror” as the “Axis of Evil” in his annual presidential address in 2002.

29 January 2014

Turkish soldiers (PKK)

Afrin Syria

Afrin Canton announces its independence from the Syrian Arab Republic in 2014.

29 January 2017

Quebec City mosque shooting

Alexandre Bissonnette attack a mosque in Sainte-Foy, Quebec kills six people and injures 19

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