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Serbia presents new T72MS Battle Tank

Serbian MoD announced, the first batch of 11 upgraded tanks was delivered last month.

The T-72MS, is a advanced variant of T-72B1that features armed with new armor and is equipped with new optics and combat equipment.

“These tanks also have stronger ballistic protection, explosive-reactive armor, better steering, and navigation. Everything is incomparably easier for them and I believe that this will significantly contribute to greater combat readiness, interoperability, and competence of our forces,” Serbian President Vučić stated.

“By fitting it with an 840 horsepower engine, its mobility has been increased. Our M-84 tank and the basic version of the T-72 tank are fitted with 780 horsepower engines.

It has also been fitted with an automatic transmission that allows the driver to drive it more easily, and depending on the type of terrain, the driver can choose whether to change gears manually or automatically”

said Lieutenant Colonel Jovanović.


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