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Serbia presents new T72MS Battle Tank


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According to the Serbian Ministry of Defense, the first batch of 11 modernized T72MS tanks was delivered last month.

Serbia presents new T72MS (T-72MS) Battle Tank

In comparison to the T-72B1, the T-72MS (T72MS) is a more modern derivative that is armed with upgraded armor and is outfitted with new optics and combat equipment, among other things.

The ballistic protection, explosive-reactive armor, steering, and navigation of these tanks are all improved as well.

Serbia presents new T72MS Battle Tank
SERBIAN T-72MS TANK PHOTO BY Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

According to Serbian President Vučić, “Everything has become incomparably simpler for them, and I believe that this will greatly contribute to increased combat preparedness, interoperability, and competency of our forces.”

Because of the addition of an 840 horsepower engine, the vehicle’s mobility has been significantly improved. Our M-84 tank and the basic variant of the T-72 tank are both equipped with engines that produce 780 horsepower.”

According to Serbian Lieutenant Colonel Jovanovic, the vehicle also includes an automatic gearbox, which makes driving more convenient for the driver. Depending on the terrain encountered, the driver can choose whether to change gears manually or automatically.

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