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US submarine chased by Russian frigate


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According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, a Russian frigate “intercepted” an US submarine in the Pacific yesterday.

The Russian Ministry of Defense summoned their Defense Attaché to the United States to complain that the submarine violated the borders of Russia.

As noted by the Russian Defence Ministry said the submarine was spotted near the Kuril Islands early Saturday morning as Russia conducted naval exercises with its fleet in the Pacific.

US submarine chased by Russian frigate
Russian Frigate Photo by CNE CNA C6F US submarine chased by Russian frigate

“You are in the territorial waters of Russia. Come out immediately!” said the crew of the Russian Frigate by radio to the U.S. submarine.

The crew of the US submarine ignored the demand of the Russian side, according to the Russian Ministry of Defence, which informs that the Russian Frigate that located it “took the necessary actions” with the result that the US submarine left at maximum speed.

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