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South Korea successfully tested new ballistic missile for its submarines


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South Korea will adopt a new ballistic missile for submarines within 2022, Yonhap News Agency stated citing a government source.

South Korea conducted its first ballistic missile test on September 15th. The missile was launched from the Doosan Ahn Changho submarine at a testing site in Chuncheonam-do Province. It flew the planned distance and hit the target. Thus, it became the seventh country in the world to successfully test ballistic missiles for submarines.

“Several more rounds of tests will be conducted to ensure the reliability of the missile. After the development phase is completed, mass production and commissioning is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2022,” the source was quoted as saying.

Another government source told the agency that a batch of 78 missiles of this type is scheduled to be deployed on nine submarines, including Doosan Ahn Changho.

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