The next steps of the Hellenic Air Force modernization programs were revealed by the Greek Defence Minister

The next steps of the Hellenic Air Force modernization programs were revealed during the visit by the Greek Defence Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos, at the handover ceremony of the Hellenic Tactical Air Force Command today.

Specifically, the Greek Defence Minister made it clear that although the Hellenic Air Force was significantly strengthened recently with new aircrafts (RAFALE), its modernization programs do not stop but continue.

Hellenic Air Force
Greek F-16 PHOTO: HAFSpokesman (HAF.GR)

More Specifically, the Minister for National Defence Nikos Panagiotopoulos at the ceremony of Hellenic Tactical Air Force Command stated:

“It was with pleasure that we attended today the Political and Military leadership of the Ministry of National Defence at the handover and receipt ceremony of the Chief of the Tactical Air Force here, in Larissa.

The first six Greek (Hellenic Air Force) Rafale fighter jets arrived in Tanagra airbase
Greek Rafale F3R fighter jets Screenshot from ERT NEWS

This is the “spearhead” of the Air Force at the Command level and of course, what I have to say is that the fight for an, even more, combat-capable Air Force continues. There is no point in satisfaction. There is no saturation point. A lot has been done recently. I think the Air Force has been dramatically strengthened in recent years but of course, this effort continues.

And in this effort we have by our side, we feel it and so it is, the Administration of the Tactical Aviation Headquarters in a collective effort with tangible results. Good strength, good luck to the new Leader! And of course, the ex-chief is now the Chief of the General Staff of the Hellenic Air Force and therefore good strength, good service to him as well. “We are proud and confident that the Air Force is in good hands.” concludes the statement of the Greek Defence Minister.


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