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“WE COULD RESPOND THE SAME WAY” – Russian answer to the UK sanctions

On December 10th the UK included three Russian citizens and one unit of the Russian National Guard to the sanctions list over “egregious human rights violations”. London accused the Russian citizens of engaging in “torture” and violations against the Chechen LGBT community.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Moscow sees these actions against Russian nationals as a politically motivated “demarche” and that reserves the right to act in a corresponding way.

“We see this as a sign that the British authorities are not ready to abandon their confrontational trend regarding relations with Russia. Naturally, this politically motivated demarche will negatively affect bilateral relations”, Zakharova added.

The UK on 10 December announced that it had added three Russian nationals to the sanctions list: Chechen Parliament Speaker Magomed Daudov, Head of the Chechen Ministry of Internal Affairs Aiub Kataev, and his deputy Apti Alaudinov. In addition, the local Terek Special Rapid Response Unit was also included in the list of sanctioned entities.


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