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“WE NEED THE GREEKS” – Libyan House of Representatives

"WE NEED THE GREEKS" – Libyan House of Representatives - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

At yesterday’s meeting with Nikos Dendias, the President of the Libyan House of Representatives, Aguila Saleh, made it clear that the demarcation memorandum signed between the former Libyan government of Saraj and Turkey is illegal and has no legal force.

Saleh said in particular: “the former Presidential Council did not have the power to conclude agreements or memoranda that were not ratified by the House of Representatives.”

“The House of Representatives overturned the ratification of the agreement, declaring it null and void,” Saleh said, adding that “we insist on protecting Libya’s sovereignty, on land, sea, and air, and reject any action against Mediterranean security.

Anguilla Saleh once again revealed the good relationship he has with Greece and how important he considers our country to Libya as he stated:

«We undoubtedly greatly appreciate the good relations that connect us with Greece and we very much appreciate the decision to open and operate the Greek consulate in Benghazi, where it will be a link between Greeks and Libyans, especially for business and trade.”

“We need our Greek friends in the coming period and especially during the reconstruction period of Libya.”


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