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“GREECE TERRORIZES US” – New Turkish provocation attempt after the wildfires


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Several Turkish people have been accusing Greece of arson since yesterday in Turkey on the occasion of the large fires that are affecting the country despite the Greek goverment offer for help to battle the Turkish wildfires.

The beginning was made yesterday by the journalist of a Turkish newspaper who stated that the PKK set the fires but at the orders of Greece.

Moving from that the now famous for his “provocative” statements retired Turkish Rear Admiral Cihat Yaycı stated that Greece is to blame for the wildfires in Turkey

“The fire in these areas was not caused by accident or negligence, there is an intention here…The state is facing serious terrorism from Greece and the PKK,” the retired Turkish admiral said yesterday on a television program.

It is recalled that Yayci, was the inspirer of the doctrine of the “Blue Homeland” against Greece and has repeatedly made statements against Greece with constantly making new proposals on how Turkey could actually worsen its already bad relations with Greece.

Specifically, among the ideas he has recently expressed are the demilitarization of Greek city of Alexandroupolis and the signing of a Turkish-Palestine EEZ, which according to his proposal will violate Greek and Cypriot territorial waters.

His most recent idea was for Turkey to abandon, as he had said two months ago, its “defense policy” towards Athens and to become “more aggressive”. In fact, in his specific statement, Yayci had referred to the Greek islands of the Aegean, as “occupied islands”.

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